Sensitive and Empowered

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), you are a deep feeler, deep thinker and a highly intuitive individual who senses everything around you. 

However, feeling everything so deeply can be overwhelming and challenging. On our journey towards self-empowerment, there is a lot to learn about ourselves, so that we can step out of our HSP shadows of self-doubt, pushing, self-criticism and overwhelm, and into our HSP gifts of intuition, empathy and becoming the supportive nurturer we are meant to be. 

Hi, I'm Beatrice.

I believe that as Highly Sensitive People, you are a gifted individual who wants to make a meaningful difference in this world. My purpose is to support you to discover and utilise these gifts to your highest benefit, and the highest benefit of everyone else you come in contact with. 



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As a self-aware empath who is passionate about helping people and give 110% in everything you do, you want to make a meaningful difference in this world and live a life full of joy and harmony with yourself and others. 

But you might be feeling that no matter how much you do, you never feel like it's enough. 

Perhaps you grew up believing that in order to make anything of yourself in life, you need to work hard, be selfless and have high standards in everything you do. And this has served you well and you have built a life, career or relationships you're proud of.


But despite all your achievements, you can't help but feel it's not enough. That you're not doing enough, trying hard enough, helping others enough... that you need to try harder, and do better, and be perfect. 

This may be knocking your confidence and making you doubt yourself, which in turn keeps you feeling stuck and paralysed.


The inner critic becomes louder and louder, making you feel like a failure. 

  • You're a perfectionist. Even when you do a great job (and you often do), the standards increase and therefore you're constantly short of where you "should" be. 

  • You're a people-pleaser. You can't say no when you know someone needs you, and often you end up exhausted and don't leave enough energy for yourself. Self-care feels like a luxury.  

  • You're an empath. You feel people and the emotions in the room, often absorbing them and you don't know how to detach from them. 

  • You're a highly sensitive person. You often wish you could just let things wash over you and not take things so damn personally.

  • You're an overanalyser. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Maybe I made a mistake. What if this goes wrong? Visualising every potential outcome for every decision can be exhausting. 

  • You have immense compassion for others, but offering the same to yourself feels selfish and difficult. 

You're not alone. I understand you perfectly because I’ve been there myself.


Imagine a world where you can look after your own needs and put yourself first, without damaging your relationships with others. Imagine a world where you can love yourself and not be dependent on external validation. 

I won't lie to you. There isn't a magic pill you can take to change a lifetime of self-doubt and struggle. You are a smart, self-aware person, and if it was that easy, you would've done it already. 

It took me 15 years to transform my loud inner critic. My own journey was challenging, but profoundly transformational. I believe so much in the results I had for myself and for my clients, that I believe with every part of my being that you can do this journey in a fraction of the time it took me. 

15 years to get to this point – a life that I previously thought to be utopic. It's the life that I want for you, and a life I know you can have, because I got there. And I don’t have any special privileges or abilities that you don’t have. I am human, just like you.

I understand exactly how you feel and would love to hear your story. Let’s meet for a virtual cup of tea so you can tell me where you are on your journey. 

I will hold you in a caring, non-judgemental space, where we can explore what’s going on in your life. I offer a free, completely no obligation session to hear about your journey and help you get more clarity on the way forward. Whether we end up working together or not, offer yourself this half-hour of self-care with someone who genuinely cares and understands you.

Email me to arrange a no obligation chat over a virtual cup of tea or coffee to tell me about your journey. 

The 10 Step Transformation Journey I offer my clients


Disentangle the overwhelming/complex situation you're in. 


Discover a new perspective in areas where you've been stuck & running in circles.


Learn to separate YOUR feelings from other people and situations outside your control.


Get clarity on where you want to get to, and generate a clear plan that will get you there. 


Identify your inner voices and learn to listen and harness the rich feedback they offer. 


Learn to make your self worth independent of other people. 


Shed light on what is true, real and authentic for you.


Create profound shifts within yourself that will allow you to connect with your higher self. 


Come to terms with your Inner Critic and learn practical tools to allow you to coach yourself. 


Discover and pursue those decisions that are aligned with your higher self and empower you to grow & be fulfilled. 



If you've identified your Inner Critic and would like to develop it into a healthier voice that will make you thrive, I offer one-off and packages for my clients. Get in touch to book your free 30-minute consultation.


If you want your team to realise their potential and empower them to focus on performance and results, I offer blocks of sessions back-to-back at your offices in London. I offer special rates to start-ups under 50 employees. Interested? Contact me below to book your free 45-minute consultation.


I offer training between half a day to 2 days workshops about overcoming your Inner Critic, helping teams understand through practical models how it impacts their performance and how to replace their inner voice with healthier ones and allow them to enter flow at work. I also offer customised packages. Contact me below to book your free 45-minute consultation.

Let's meet for a virtual cuppa

This is a no obligation conversation. Whether we end up working together or not, offer yourself this half-hour of self-care with someone who understands your struggle with your inner critic and won't tell you to "just let it wash over you".


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