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My evolutionary path

This post is an update on my personal evolution journey and I wanted to share how I feel my Inner Critic work is evolving at this time.

When I started coaching, defining my niche was an easy process. 

"Your ideal client is a previous version of you."

I have struggled for a very long time with that critical inner voice and it took many years of work to learn a better way to deal with it. When I defined myself as the "Inner Critic Coach", that's what felt to me like bringing the most value in this world.

I am very proud that during this process I have had the inspiration and guidance to write an ebook which you can get for free from my website, containing 7 tools to coach your Inner Critic (you can download your copy for free here). I feel that book poured out of me with love and wisdom from a force beyond me, that was waiting to be expressed and shared with the world.

These last 6 months have been very eventful: I gave myself permission to step into my truth and pursue my passion to become a coach and help people grow. I have resigned from my corporate job, and as of May 16th I will be self employed. I have moved from a flat by Tower Bridge into the suburbs of London where I am finally enjoying a green garden with flowers and birds. I have met people who have had a profound impact on my journey of growth. And the biggest change that has taken place during these months, is my own inner transformation. 

I am becoming more profoundly self aware and spiritual (to be clear: not religious, as I don't subscribe to any religious belief, though I accept all beliefs and affiliations), learning about myself and shedding old conditioning and templates that we learn as children, and replacing them with new ones. It's often hard work and a journey into the unknown, where all you've got is your newly discovered intuition to guide you.

In the last few weeks, I have started to notice a resistance coming up for me in terms of sharing my knowledge about my Inner Critic niche. My Inner Critic work is prevalent with all my clients and people I work with, but there is so much more coming up - so much Inner Child work, so much exploration of inner feelings, expressing myself creatively, that I feel restricted by talking just about the Inner Critic. Instead of focusing on the Inner Critic, I have decided that I will be allowing myself (and you) to be the expansive, free, curious soul that I am (and you are) deep down.

What this means, is that over the next couple of months, I would like to share with you some tools and knowledge related to topics which support your work with your Inner Critic, even if they are not directly connected to it. I want to share a bit of my personal journey of growth and express what feels right at the time, and over time my niche might evolve along with me.

I am comfortable to express myself with vulnerability and admit to the world: I am a work in process.

So where is my journey taking me now?

The honest, completely vulnerable answer is: I don't know. 

What I do know, is that I no longer want to talk only about the Inner Critic. Whatever is next, will not be moving away from Inner Critic, because this has been such a key part of my life and formation. Whatever I do next, will INCLUDE the Inner Critic, and much more. I might share poems, creative work, some books I'm reading, and tools related to self awareness, connecting with our inner presence, intuition, energy body, emotional body and physical body.

I don't want to show up to my tribe in a way that "sells". I want to show up to you with full vulnerability. With challenges and pains. With "I don't knows."

I know that out of those of you who are in my group/following/tribe now, some of you will join me along for the ride. Perhaps, some of you will no longer resonate with my journey. And I give myself permission to be okay with that. Perhaps, some new people will resonate with this continuation of my journey and join me. 

In these last months, I have worked with dozens of people who have chosen to open up, take their masks off and allow me to be part of their inner world. This has helped me further define and clarify that I want to work with intuitive, self aware people who are committed to their inner growth. People who are not afraid to delve deep into their beliefs - or people who are afraid, and are willing to do it anyway. I want to continue working with people who understand the patterns in their lives and are interested to see the connections between events - not to see events in their lives as separate occurrences. 

I feel that the more I step into my truth, the more I will be able to add the most value to this world.

Where is your journey taking you? Where do you see the biggest opportunities for growth in your own life? If you'd like to book your free 30-minute consultation with me, get in touch on

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