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Slowing Down and Finding our Purpose

As we have no choice but to pause and slow down during this time, many of us are reflecting on our lives and careers in ways we haven’t done before - because we never afforded the luxury off slowing down.

A fellow coach consulted with me recently about a client who wanted to leave their career and find their true passion and purpose. This is a question that is coming up often and I expect it will continue to come up for many of us in future months.

There are many ways in which to approach this question, but here’s one of them.

I believe that we come into this world already knowing our passion and purpose. We are innately creative, resourceful and we have the answers to all the possible problems. If this wasn’t true, coaching wouldn’t exist.

However, along the way of our life journey, we encounter interferences. Like a radio station that’s not tuned in well, we might start to hear noise instead of music. 

For me, the purpose of coaching in the first instance is not to push people towards finding the answers. The answers are not out there. 

The purpose of coaching is to dig through the layers of interference, and one by one to lift them up, so they can see what’s at the very core of their being. 

So my exploration would be less about “what makes you happy” and “what’s important to you”, and more about:

- what’s preventing you from knowing? 

- if you knew, what would happen then?

- what worries might we have about finding our passion?

- what might be the benefit of not knowing? 

- what’s the benefit of your current career? 

- what might you lose if you find that career you’re passionate about? 

- what do you associate with the word “passion”? What else? What else?

- how does it make you feel to not know?

- what does this feeling remind you of?

- what does it feel like to know? 

- what would be different about you then?

- what would others notice has changed about you?

Finding the career they’re passionate about is just the tip of the iceberg. What’s important is to uncover what is underneath the iceberg, what drives all the thoughts and feelings around this. Of course ultimately we want to help them move forward, but they first need to get clarity of what’s under the surface - and then the answer doesn’t need to be forced, because it will emerge organically. 

In The Inner Games of Work, Tim Gallway says:

Performance = Potential - Interference 

What might be the interference you are experiencing, which prevents you from fulfilling your potential?

If you resonate with this and might want to receive support in finding your passion and fulfil your potential, now is the perfect time to slow down and start reflecting on this. If you feel called to do some deeper work and like my approach, send me a message to book a free clarity consultation with me.

Beatrice Zornek is a Certified Transformational Coach supporting professional women who are outwardly successful, but deep down feel overwhelmed and uninspired in their work. She helps them get clarity on the way forward so they can fall in love with work - and their life. Visit her website at

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