• Beatrice Zornek

5. The 10-step transformation journey I offer my clients

The transformation journey I offer my clients is...

1. Learn how to separate YOUR feelings from situations and people in your life.

2. Make your happiness depend only on yourself, not others.

3. See a new perspective in areas where you've been feeling stuck and running in circles.

4. Create profound shifts within yourself that will make you see yourself in a completely different light.

5. Identify your inner voices and learn to communicate with them - learn to harness the beautiful feedback they have to offer you.

6. Integrate your inner sub-personal gently, and with love.

7. Improve your relationship with yourself and others.

8. Learn to love yourself, like you wished others would love and appreciate you.

9. Shed light on what is real and authentic for you.

10. Ask difficult questions to take you outside of your current situation.

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