• Beatrice Zornek

2. The commitment I can make to you...

1. I have learned that my inner voices* are a real thing. If I speak to them, they will respond.

*voices I identify to be my own. If you're worried about hearing voices that aren't your own, read more on the Mind website.

2. My Inner Critic had a lot to tell me. Most of its feedback, much to my surprise, wasn't about destroying me or my confidence, but about protecting me.

3. I have learned to harness this rich feedback that my Inner Critic was giving me, and to understand it with a new layer of awareness, that goes beyond that primal side of my brain that puts me in fight/flight/freeze mode.

4. In the process, I have discovered another sub-persona, another inner voice: my Inner Child.

That voice was so faint and almost had no pulse when I discovered it. It was like a dying deer on the side of a busy road. At first, I didn't know what my Inner Child was doing there or what it needed. It was numbed from the pain, from all the bashing and lack of love and nurturing.

5. I learned to connect with it and heal this part of myself with a lot of gentle love, patience and care. And over time, my Inner Child started to communicate.

6. I learned to integrate my Inner Critic, my Inner Child, and my Adult.

I didn't destroy my Inner Critic as I'd originally hoped. And I was grateful that instead of denying myself of the Inner Critic's useful feedback, I learned to integrate these three parts within my soul, in harmony and peace.

7. I have found peace. Calm. And alignment.

This has been the most massive shift of my life, and I got there through a few different methods... click here to read more...


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