• Beatrice Zornek

7. What I will NOT do as your coach...

1. Give you the answers. It doesn't matter that I'm an expert in my own journey of self healing. Your journey is your unique and so are you. And your answers too, are unique to you.

2. I will not enable you to stay stuck or complacent.

3. I will not let our sessions be a chat about what's been going on in your life. I am not the best friend who you vent to for an hour. You can do that for free with your friends. While there will be exploration, particularly in the first sessions, I don't waste my clients' time by listening to what they already know.

4. However, I will not interrupt you when you're processing stuff, just to fill the silence. I will hold space for you with presence and love, and I intuitively know when you need time to process.

5. I will not push you further than you are ready to go.

6. I will not judge you, your story or life decisions.

7. I will not impose my own opinions and values. You are unique and I will meet you exactly where you are.

8. I will not let you take responsibility for me. Things like keeping the time are my responsibility - your responsibility is to be present in your own process.

9. I also don't accept things like "I'm sorry to dump my stuff on you". I am a grown-up, with an ability to deal with happens in sessions, and you don't need to feel responsible for how I feel. I have my own coach and supervisor with whom I work regularly to solve things that may come up during or after my sessions.


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