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Hi! I'm Beatrice. 

I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach based in London United Kingdom, specialising in Inner Critic coaching. 

About me: 

I was born in Communist Romania and was raised by my single mum. Growing up, it was often difficult for us to make ends meet, having little emotional or social network support. It wasn't easy, but the hardship developed in me a feeling of unrelenting determination and ambition to overcome whatever difficulties life throws my way. 

My qualifications:

I am a certified coach holding a diploma in Transformational Life Coaching Qualification with Animas Coaching in London. This training is certified by the leading body for coaching standards - the International Coach Federation (ICF), and provides 123 ICF accredited training hours - more than twice the amount required to become credentialed with the ICF. I chose it because I didn't just want to be a certified coach, but I wanted to pursue the most comprehensive training that enables me to add the most value to my clients. 

I have a degree in Psychology and after graduating I worked as an online coach/counsellor for international clients. My career history is eclectic - I've worked for large renowned organisations such as Google as well as small start-ups, in different roles from sales to team management and human resources - but what they all have in common is fulfilling my desire to help people solve complex problems and empower them to succeed. Helping people in different ways has enabled me to develop many different skills and has ultimately prepared me for the journey I have embarked on: to be a life coach.

Why the Inner Critic chose me as my specialism: 

I am proud and grateful for the things I've achieved in life, and if there was one thing that's ever held me back from progressing, it has been my Inner Critic. That little voice inside your head that keeps reminding you that you can't achieve what you want and that you may as well just turn back now before you get yourself hurt or rejected. I was so determined that this voice will not hold me back, that I have dedicated my last 15 years to studying this little fella, initially with anger and wanting to destroy it, and then with understanding and compassion, learning to make room for it in my life so that it feels heard, without letting it control me - and enabling myself to live a happy life without being held back from feeling fulfilled. 

Unfortunately, what I learned along the way is that while everyone's background is different, the gripping paralysis of the Inner Critic doesn't discern between rich or poor, British or Romanian, black or white, gay or straight. I am committed to using my 15 years of study, qualifications, coaching and self development to help others coach their Inner Critic and achieve their potential in a fraction of the time it took me. 

My approach: 

My coaching approach is Solution Focused, oriented in the future and on what you want to achieve.


We may visit the past in order to understand triggers in order to identify what we can adjust or change in the future. This has its roots in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or coaching).


The Inner Critic coaching specifically is rooted in Transactional Analysis, a method developed by Eric Berne in the 1950's. The reason I resonate with this method is because - while it's a complex therapeutic method - it's explained in simple terms which makes this approach accessible not just to therapists or coaches, but also to clients who want to continue their own self coaching even after therapy or coaching has ended. This method explains how we program our brains while we grow up and often adopt and internalise a "Critical Parent" voice which becomes our Inner Critic. Using this model helps us acknowledge and understand what is going on in our minds when the Inner Critic comes out. In order to fix a mechanism, one must first understand how it works in order to fix or replace the broken part, and that's what I want to achieve with my clients. 

You don't need to understand or learn about these methods before our sessions. We will be navigating between one and another seamlessly and if you are interested in understanding certain concepts, I will explain them in our sessions or by offering you exercises or reading material so you can learn more about them yourself after our sessions. 

If like me, you have made a decision to not let your Inner Critic control your life and you're ready to embark a journey of transformation, get in touch for a free consultation