Hi! I'm Beatrice. 

I believe that as professional women, we deserve to feel empowered and in control of our careers. Many of us are committed to make a meaningful difference in the world through our work.

We are taught that in order to make anything of ourselves, we need to work hard, do more, and be perfect. We often choose careers based on criteria like status, money, reputation, but deep down this way of living life can feel inauthentic and draining.

This is why it's my purpose and passion to support women to fall in love with work, in a way that feels right. 

Michelle P.

Growth Manager & Acting Head of Growth at PINTEREST

Case Study

I was overwhelmed with my work situation after taking on new responsibilities and struggling to find time for self care and even just self maintenance! I felt myself slipping rapidly into old work habits of giving too much, a place I had previously been in with a past job which led to me being unhappy.

I developed tools with Bea, which help me to cope better in the moment and see the bigger picture, which ultimately helped me to begin to understand what I want longer term. This perspective also helped me to tune in more in to my feelings. I began to understand phrases such as ‘self-motivation’ in totally different ways to how I had thought about them before.

​After a few sessions my previously jumbled thoughts and feelings now feel better ordered, which for me, is crucial to feeling less stressed and overwhelmed.

I felt a real change in how I was able to talk about myself, my situation and feelings – it was a real breakthrough.


I have also noticed I am being kinder to myself. As someone who is often highly self critical, my sessions with Bea gave me the space and time to observe myself and situation and appreciate where I was at instead of always demanding more.

I’m particularly drawn to the blend Bea has of business know-how, creative thinking and also a very spiritual connection. I think that blend is very rare and I found it very easy to connect and feel inspired because of that.

Working with you Bea has been transformational and already in just the few months of working together changed my perspective and approach to work and life!

Falling in love with work is not an act of pushing, pressuring and faking it. 

Falling in love with work means gently uncovering the missing pieces, cutting through the noise and connecting what it means to *you* to love your work.

Work is not just a big part of our lives, but also a big part of our identity. 

Regardless of the stage of career they are in, these are some results that my clients are getting: 

  • Achieve true life-work balance, often for the first time. My clients feel that they have reclaimed their lives, while maintaining or improving their work performance. 

  • Find new work that is more aligned to your core values, and honours your authentic personality. 

  • Find and pursue your true passion, so you can fulfil the work you are meant to do in this life. 

  • Clarity on career progression within your organisation, so that you feel entirely in control of your career path and direction. 

  • Manage a transition from corporate into building your own business. 

I understand exactly how you feel and would love to hear your story. Let’s meet for a virtual cup of tea so you can tell me where you are on your journey. 

Contact me below to have a Cup of Clari-tea with me.  

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