Hi, I’m Beatrice

I believe that as a humanity, we are going through a period of transformation. It’s a time when we are collectively starting to challenge the status quo in many areas of life and society. We are asking ourselves “is what I have, truly what I want?”


This is the most fertile period that coaching has ever seen - a real opportunity for the coaching profession to be elevated and to contribute to the collective paradigm shift, by helping others to answer life’s difficult questions. 


And then we have the HSP trait. As Highly Sensitive People in general, and as coaches in particular, this is an opportunity for us to RISE in our power, own our sensitive gifts and access the deepest level of wisdom within ourselves, so we can create the impact we are here to make. 


My passion is at the intersection of these two fields: coaching and the HSP trait. My mission is to bring the two together so we can create powerful, meaningful change in society. 


My work focuses on the two essential aspects that determine the success of any HSP coach: mindset and coaching skills. But it’s not just about overcoming mindset obstacles or learning new interventions in the coaching space. It’s about accessing the deepest level of truth and wisdom within you and supporting you to RISE into a space of conviction and absolute confidence in your gifts. We can help others fulfil their potential only by fulfilling our own. 


Building a coaching business is likely the biggest self-actualisation journey you will ever make.


What this means is that building a purpose-led business is going to face you with any patterns, conditioning and self-limiting beliefs you’ve ever experienced. In order to grow your business, you must grow at the same time. With every layer of the past that you shed, your business will grow with clients who are an absolute joy to work with. So if you look at the impact you’re making now, what does it reflect? Does it reflect joy, abundance and flow? Or does it reflect self-doubt, imposter syndrome, hiding, self-sabotage, over-giving and exhaustion? 


This is why mindset is a pillar for your success as a coach. 


The other pillar is the actual interventions you use in your coaching. As a certified Coach Supervisor and Mentor, I often see HSP coaches playing small in the coaching space. We’re afraid to challenge because we don’t want to hurt people. We absorb emotions and over-identify with our clients, so we can really feel their pain. This helps them feel truly seen and validated. But does it help them move forward? We don’t know our blind spots in coaching and we can’t differentiate between “our stuff” and “their stuff” and things get confusing and directionless. 


Clients have as much to learn from you, as you have to learn from them. Ignoring this will do a huge disservice to you and your clients. Every client you will encounter has a lesson for your own growth. You can either try to self-coach and go in circles, or you can accept the challenge you are given to learn from your clients, overcome patterns, navigate “your stuff” and “their stuff” and ultimately build absolute conviction in the value of your work, creating powerful results for your clients - while honouring your authentic nature. 


If you are ready to stop playing small and RISE into your full power as an HSP coach, I’d love to have a chat

Official Bio

For the last 20 years, Beatrice has had a passion for psychology and understanding people on a deep level. She has a degree in Psychology and is a Certified Transformational Coach (Animas) and a Certified Coach Supervisor (International Centre for Coaching Supervision). She is also an ICF ACC accredited coach. 

She is a Romanian who has made London her home since 2013. She has worked for large organisations, such as Google, and before becoming a coach she was the Head of People at a market research organisation in London. She has pursued her purpose to become a coach in 2018 and she is now a leading mentor for Highly Sensitive Coaches. 

She works for the UK’s #1 coaching school (Animas) where she supervises and mentors coaches in training, therapists training as coaches, and evaluates coach recordings for their qualification. 


In her spare time, Beatrice can be found with a stack of books on psychology, self-development, trauma, spirituality and mind-body connection. She loves to host intimate gatherings and dinner parties with friends and family where she can be seen drinking a glass of red wine from Portugal or the Southern Hemisphere.

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