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Do you have an Inner Critic? 

That nagging voice that constantly criticises you and puts you down, telling you that you must try harder and do better, or else you might be discovered for the fraud you really are - reminding you how unworthy you are, of love and validation?

If so, this free eBook is for you.

FREE eBook:

7 Tools to Coach Your Inner Critic  

I have internalised my Inner Critical Voice in my childhood, and since then I've always strived to do well. In fact, not just do well, but to be perfect. Be kind, be generous - in hope that in return I will be loved and validated by others. 


Yet, as much as I managed to do well and get validation, there was constantly something - that "constructive feedback" in the yearly appraisal, that weird tone, or unnecessary remark from a colleague that was enough to throw me off balance. 

Over the last 17 years, I've embarked on a journey to try and "kill" my Inner Critic. The more I tried, the more I learned that it's not possible to destroy it. Over time, I have learned that in fact, the Inner Critic is not a horrible beast that I must destroy, but in fact a useful internal resource, full of wisdom, which exists not to destroy me, but to help me.

I wrote this eBook because I wanted to share my own discoveries that have helped me and many others on our journey of self awareness, integration, self-compassion and self-love. 


In this book, I will cover: 

  1. Know. 
    You can only coach your inner critic if you get to know it. This is a simple exercise to get you started in getting to know your inner critic.

  2. Separate.
    Is your inner critic all of you? This tool will help you discern between your inner critic and your authentic Self. 

  3. Dialogue.
    Your current inner dialogue is likely unhelpful. Based on Internal Family Systems (IFS) this tool is a powerful framework to help you have a healthy, supportive and win-win dialogue with your inner critic. 


  4. The Critical Parent and the Nurturing Parent. 
    Get to know your own internal parents. This tool will help you identify imbalances between the critical vs the supportive side of you. This is a powerful exercise to rectify the imbalance in a gentle, yet powerful way. 

  5. The Inner Child.
    A powerful reflection and a practical exercise supporting you to see how your inner critic leads you to your inner child. Learn how to support your inner child when it's bombarded with critical messages. 

  6. Re-decision. 
    Inspired by the powerful therapeutic framework called "Re-decision Therapy", this tool contains 3 exercises to help you re-decide decisions that no longer support your well-being. 

  7. Next level.
    The inner critic's reach is far-reaching and subtle. Learn to recognise its subtle language and expectations, so you can be in control of your life - not your inner critic. 

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