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As a Highly Sensitive Person, your life’s journey has led you to a path of meaning. When you coach, you create a space for deep transformation together with your clients. 


Your empathy and your intuition are gifts you naturally use in coaching. You can help your clients scratch below the surface and uncover their deepest level of truth. 


But what happens when the very gifts we bring to the coaching space, are the same things that become a challenge? 

  • when your empathy is so strong, you take on other people’s energy? 

  • when you have a strong intuition and just don’t know what to do with it in a session?

  • When you have an intellectual understanding that you’re not responsible for the clients’ outcomes but deep down you do feel responsible and it bothers you? 

  • When you want to provide value and that translates into “efforting” for your clients? 

  • When you know some boundaries don’t feel 100% clear and it’s a challenge to navigate them? 

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These things generate doubt. And no matter how well you “keep it together”, no matter how brilliant your questions are, what you experience under the surface shows up in the space, on an emotional and energetic level. Even if it’s not verbalised, it’s felt. 


But experiencing these struggles as an HSP coach is NOT part and parcel of the profession. Doubt is not a badge of honour you need to carry in the name of making an impact in the world. 

Instead, you deserve to: 

  • feel emotions go through you, not inside you (be the sieve, not the sponge) 

  • Know when and how to bring your intuition in the coaching space, with confidence that you’re not just bringing “your stuff” 

  • Recognise when boundaries need to be set (in a compassionate way) 

  • Know when you are responsible, and when it’s best to empower your client to take responsibility 

  • Have powerful coaching sessions that feel in flow 

  • Feel absolute joy and conviction in yourself and the results you create 


Does this resonate?


If yes, this ebook is for you.


As an HSP coach myself, I know there is no coaching course or programme that supports us to be better coaches as HSPs. I know what it means to experience blurred lines or self-doubt with a client. I combine my passion for the HSP trait, with my background in psychology and certifications as a Coach and Coach Supervisor, to help you explore the biggest opportunities for your own growth as a coach.


In this ebook, we explore 5 keys that will help you create more powerful results for your clients.


Ready to RISE? 

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This ebook will help you identify your biggest opportunities for growth as an HSP coach, so you can create more powerful results for your clients - while honouring your sensitivity.

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