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Are you in the wrong career?

🤔 I think I’m in the wrong career, but I’m not ready to give it all up. 🤔

Jung noticed that between the age of 35-40, many people go through a “mid-life crisis”, which is very much a crisis of identity. If the first part of life is dedicated to achievements, security, reputation and status, the second half of life is about finding meaning, fulfilment and - most of all - discovering who we really are.

That’s more difficult than it sounds. And a balance between security and fulfilment can be even trickier.

It’s daunting to contemplate dropping everything to pursue something fulfilling on a whim, risking security and throwing ourselves at the mercy of the unknown.

The ego only sees things in black and white: you need to choose between being successful and burnt out, vs fulfilled and poor. But that’s not right.

As coaches, our role is to help you find the shades of grey, while meeting you where you are.

What would your ideal scenario look like? Imagine money was no issue, what would you be doing? If we just imagine… hypothetically, what would be different?

And then how can you bring some of THAT in your life now?

Maybe you think you need to be stressed out to be worthy of your position and salary. I know that’s how I pushed myself to burnout.

But with coaching we can uncover new ways of being at work that fulfils our needs - as well as the company’s.

Sometimes we don’t need to change careers - just our mindset.



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