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Career transitions as a transition in identity

A career transition isn’t just about using tools and taking tests to figure out “what next?”

A career transition is an identity transition. We change careers because there is a fundamental change within ourselves. This job fitted with who I was. It doesn’t fit who I’m becoming. This is what leads people to change careers.

Nobody woke up one day and thought: “boy I’d love to retrain so I can be the novice and earn less money and struggle for a few years while I try out this new thing I’d love to do.”

People change careers because they are called by meaning, purpose and a quiet voice that says with peaceful certainty “this is your path”.

If you’re going through a career transition and you’ve tried all the tools and exercises telling you there’s a 68.5% chance you’d make a good accountant, and instead you’d like to explore the deeper layers of who you are becoming and what your essence is guiding you towards, I’d love to talk.


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