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Your work matters.

I believe that as sensitive, caring and empathic people, we deserve to do work that’s meaningful, impactful and purposeful. My mission is to support you to access the deepest level of wisdom within yourself and uncover your true potential, so you can show up with absolute conviction in your work, and grow your skills and credibility in the process.

What brings you here?

I am a professional seeking to create more impact, meaning and purpose in my work.

I am a coach seeking to upskill, reflect on my practice and become the best coach I can be.

I might be the right coach for you, if you…
  • Want to have better relationships with others - and yourself - so you can be more even effective, more credible and make a bigger impact in your work.

  • Want to work at a deeper level, explore your blind spots and transform your thinking from the inside-out.

  • Want to work through resistances, unhelpful patterns of behaviour and resolve inner conflicts.

Free resources

5 tools to coach your inner critic

5 keys for highly sensitive coaches to create more powerful results for their clients

my clients share
some kind words

“I have found it challenging to find a coach supervisor who ‘gets me’ and understands the subtleties of the coaching space. Bea does all this and more, giving me space to think and reflect and also taking time to reflect herself and tune into her own intuitive understandings which are often insightful, gently challenging and heartfelt. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bea to any coach regardless of their level of experience.”

Emily Walker, ICF PCC Coach, Trainer, Coach Supervisor & Mentor

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