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Hi, I'm Beatrice

I believe that work is not just a means to an end, but a way to fulfil a meaningful, purposeful role in the world and to feel joyful and empowered in our work. 


I work with sensitive women like you, who are outwardly successful, but on the inside they feel drained, overwhelmed and uninspired. 

I support you to regain clarity on the way forward and take aligned action, so you can fall in love with your work - and your life again. 

But the shadow side of this identity, can often look like... 

...perfectionism and feeling that we're not good enough

...hard work with no time for ourselves 

...people-pleasing and ending up emotionally tired and resentful

...feeling guilty for feeling resentful at people who constantly need our help

...overanalysing and re-hashing conversations in the shower over and over and over and over again

...feeling like a fraud

...feeling like we don't fit in or belong 

To you, work is more than just a paycheck. You are driven by making a meaningful difference

But you feel stuck, overwhelmed and uninspired, and you're realising that it's time for something to change in the way you approach your career... or perhaps it's time to start your own business and fulfil a meaningful purpose.  

You are naturally in tune with others and have the ability to perceive what they need, often before they even realise it. 

You deserve to...

...do your work well AND have time for yourself

...work well with others, without compromising on your values 
...feel fulfilled by work, not just financially, but also emotionally

...be in control of your career, rather than let your future be in someone else’s hands
...feel confident to say no, without feeling guilty or like you’re leaving others in a lurch
...have the clarity that you are 
creating and controlling your own destiny, and not constantly firefighting
...understand what’s going on in moments of emotional reaction, and have the tools to defuse highly charged situations

Find out how.

Get started with my free ebook: 7 tools to coach your inner critic. 
Or read more about what you will learn in this ebook by clicking here. 

I understand exactly how you feel and would love to hear your story. Let’s meet for a virtual cup of tea so you can tell me where you are on your journey. 

I will hold you in a caring, non-judgemental space, where we can explore what’s going on in your work. I offer a free, completely no obligation consultation to explore where you are in your career and the challenges you're facing. This is also a chemistry session to find out whether we are a good fit. 

My clients say that this consultation alone has given them a lot of clarity on their situation and thoughts about how to move forward. That's why I've called this conversation "A Cup of Clari-tea". 

Contact me below to have a Cup of Clari-tea with me.  

"Working with you Bea has been transformational and already in just the few months of working together changed my perspective and approach to work and life."

Michelle P.

Acting Head of Growth Operations, Pinterest


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