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As a Highly Sensitive Coach, you process the world in a much deeper way. Your sensitivity is what led you to a path of meaning, helping others transform their lives.

Where Highly Sensitive Coaches Belong

But deep down, you know there’s an immense reservoir of untapped potential within you. You have a deep desire for knowledge and growth, and the courses and CPDs you attend offer you breadth, but they don’t truly help you surface your true potential in coaching.


Are you genuinely sharpening your ability as an HSP coach?

On a good day, you love your work and the amazing feedback from your clients renews your passion and purpose in coaching. But other days, you question whether you did the right thing, you leave sessions questioning whether you did right by your clients. And sometimes, you shrink and hide under a heavy veil of imposter feelings, self-doubt and overwhelm that keeps you stuck. 


My fellow Sensitive Coach, this is not a time to hide and shrink, but a time to RISE in your full power.

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“You can only take others as deep as you have gone yourself”

As a transformational coach, mentor and supervisor for other HSP coaches, my mission is to support you to access the deepest level of wisdom within you, and uncover your true potential as a Highly Sensitive Coach, so you can create powerful transformations for your clients, show up with absolute conviction in your work and grow your skills and business in the process.


And the best part is that you don’t have to do it on your own.


By partnering with me, you will:

  • Overcome mindset obstacles that hold you back from your true potential: self sabotage, feeling like an imposter, self-doubt, analysis-paralysis and overwhelm.

  • Build unrelenting confidence and conviction in your work, so you can make yourself seen and heard without being pushy or manipulative

  • Uncover your individual, innate sensitive strengths and learn to wield them intentionally in your coaching

  • Get unstuck with clients who seem to be running in circles, absorbing your clients’ emotions or feeling overly responsible in the coaching space

Work with me
1:1 Mindset Coaching

for HSP Coaches


for HSP Coaches

1:1 Mentoring & Supervision

for HSP Coaches

RISE - Group Programme

This is deep, powerful work that will help you fulfil that deep desire to take your coaching to a much deeper level, and build a mindset of confidence and conviction, and overcome analysis-paralysis, self-doubt and letting clients sessions permeate into the rest of your life, feeling like you’re constantly “efforting”. This is the time for you to RISE into your full potential, so you can help your clients do the same.

my clients share
some kind words

“I have found it challenging to find a coach supervisor who ‘gets me’ and understands the subtleties of the coaching space. Bea does all this and more, giving me space to think and reflect and also taking time to reflect herself and tune into her own intuitive understandings which are often insightful, gently challenging and heartfelt. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bea to any coach regardless of their level of experience.”

Emily Johnston, ICF ACC Coach, Trainer, Coach Supervisor & Mentor

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